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Taste keeps the spirit of food sovereignty alive – Rumah Kopi Ranin

21 September 2016

Taste keeps the spirit of food sovereignty alive


The recent edition of Farming Matters magazine feature the work of Rumah Kopi Ranin in making food sovereignty principles into its daily practices. Farming Matters distributed world wide for the agroecology supporters namely farmers, academician, activist, and broader consumers. Not only covering rumah kopi ranin, the magazine feature the photo of Cibulao hamlet doing coffee cupping training. Here is the full text. 

Back in 2012, Rumah Kopi Ranin opened a cafe based firmly on food sovereignty principles. The coffee shop is a dedicated place to appreciate the coffee production of smallholder family farmers from across Indonesia. Green coffee beans are sourced directly from small scale coffee producers. Visitors to the cafe experience food sovereignty by tasting it. Through taste they start to understand the important role of farmers in coffee production and also in taking care of agrobiodiversity and water.

Taste, the simple indicator of quality, has triggered people to learn more about farming and connect with farmers. For this they facilitate farm visits. The initiative is proving that when people experience the exotic taste of coffee directly from the producers, they are attracted to the food sovereignty movement. After four years of operation, the cafe has become a meeting place for coffee lovers, from academics to scientists, students, artist groups and coffee farmers planning joint activities in the spirit of food sovereignty. – See more at: http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org/magazines/global/making-the-case-for-agroecology/locally-rooted-ideas-and-initiatives-from-the-field-1#sthash.Yzqsv51C.dpuffarming-matters

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